Masdevallia nicaraguaeA small to medium size warm to intermediate growing epiphyte that was found in the in cloud forest on Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua, but it grows across most of Central America. The waxy white flowers measure about 1,5 cm tall and bloom on a short, single flowered, suberect inflorescence amidst the leaves. I really like the sparse pink and green details inside the flowers and the faint smell of soap, they kind of look like they smell if that makes any sense? Luer wants to categorize Masdevallia nicaraguae under Acinopetala now, distinguished primarily by it caespitose habit (tufted form of growth) and that the sepals are fused to form the shape of a tube or cup.

A friend has seen these grow warm to downright hot in nature, but I grow mine cool and from the looks of things, it is not complaining. So I would say that this is a pretty tolerant species. I grow it in the cool vivarium, potted in a mesh pot with EpiWeb, low light, evenly wet, high humidity and good air circulation. First time it is blooming for me, and I really like it a lot. Nice with white flowers for Christmas, perhaps there is a traditional streak somewhere in me after all…

Masdevallia nicaraguae Luer, Selbyana 5: 148 (1979).

Masdevallia nicaraguaeMasdevallia nicaraguae