Masdevallia andreettanaI am so happy about seeing this wonderful species blooming. I got this division from a friend earlier in the summer and it did not take long before a bud started forming, and what a result! The flower is quite large in comparison to the plant and the flower is covered in little hairs making it look as if it was made out of cake frosting or little tiny icicles. I adore it! Flowers like these make me realize why I think Masdevallia possibly is the most amazing orchid genus on earth. If I had the room I really would try to grow every single species. Masdevallia andreettana got its name after Padre Angel Andreetta, an Italian born missionary to Ecuador who has made many contributions to the country’s orchid flora. It is a cool growing epiphyte found in southeastern Ecuador and northeastern Peru where it grows at altitudes ranging from 1 600 to 2 100 meters. I grow mine mounted on cork ni the cool vivarium under medium light and high humidity with good air circulation.

Masdevallia andreettana Luer, Selbyana 5: 390 (1981).

Masdevallia andreettanaMasdevallia andreettanaMasdevallia andreettana