The third vivarium

Oh you guys already know about this one. I have mentioned it before and I finished building it this summer, but here comes the photo evidence finally. The third vivarium in my very small growing space, but I make it work. It is nowhere near as large or as technically complex as the cool vivarium, but it does the job. It is an intermediate vivarium dedicated to vandacesous orchids, primarily Neofinetia but a few Vanda, Ascocenda […]

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Ascocentrum miniatum ‘Kai Gold’

Ascocentrum miniatum 'Kai Gold'This impressive little orchid practically lights up the whole room, despite its diminutive size. ‘Kai Gold’ is the clone name of my particular Ascocentrum miniatum and it definitely lives up to the name with its intense cluster of brilliant orange flowers and a bright orange spur.

Ascocentrum miniatum is, like the name implies, a miniature from the humid forests of Southeastern Asia […]

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I am back on!!

Ascocentrum miniatum 'Kai-Gold'I have finally gotten my new computer, and I am finally back online! Yes! It is a really nice machine too. Well, I still need to set it up, but at least I have a computer again. Unfortunately I still cannot access my Flickr account for some reason, so I cannot handle photos they way I want… sigh! Why is this […]

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