Masdevallia ayabacana

Masdevallia (Regalia) ayabacana

Masdevallia ayabacanaMasdevallia ayabacana, or Regalia ayabacana according to Luer, is from the impressive section Durae which hold impressive Masdevallia relatives such as princeps for example. The section (or genus if you want) is characterized by large thick leaves and large, fleshy, long-lasting flowers with thick callous petals and most with extremely long sepaline tails. The sepals are also connate, meaning the two lower sepals are fused together. The flowers of Masdevallia ayabacana are customarily […]

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Masdevallia ayabacana

Masdevallia ayabacanaMasdevallia ayabacana was named after the Ayabaca Province in northwestern Peru. Its is a medium to large size epiphyte where it grows in the cloud forests at altitudes of 1200-1800 meters. I grow mine potted in EpiWeb substrate on the bottom of the cool vivarium, but it is quite tolerant to warmer temperatures as well. It boasts a very long inflorescence of about about 35cm and it keeps […]

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A taste of Peru in Gothenburg

Orchids & More order - Peru/Ecuador listIf only all weekends were this fun.  The order from Peru Flora in Peru, with a quick layover in Germany at Orchids & More, came in on Friday. So, this was my view for morning coffee Saturday. Nice! I spent a very pleasant morning (or better part of the day) doting […]