Masdevallia decumana

The darling decumana

Masdevallia decumanaThis is an amazing little Masdevallia that I feel no Pleurothallid grower really should be without. Masdevallia decumana has very impressive and large flowers, in fact this orchid is commonly referred to as the large flowered Masdevallia. My flower measures about 5 cm wide, not counting the long elegant sepals that extend far wider than the plant itself. Be sure to look at the […]

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Masdevallia vexillifera a Peruvian rarity

Masdevallia vexilliferaI bought this plant last November. But what I had originally ordered as Masdevallia decumana, a lovely little epiphyte from Peru and Ecuador, actually turned out to be Masdevallia vexillifera, a quite rare species from Peru. I noticed already before the bud opened up that it was much too light to be a decumana, but I thought it might be the pallida […]

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Ecuador orchid flask baby report

Masdevallia infracta seedling (2010-07-30)It was finally time to repot the little seedlings I bought from Ecuagenera in flasks at the orchid show in Gothenburg 2008. Since deflasking them I have grown them intermediate/warm in a small mini-greenhouse and communal pots with sphagnum moss. It is recommended you grow all small seedlings, even cool growers, a bit warmer but now I thought they […]

A taste of Peru in Gothenburg

Orchids & More order - Peru/Ecuador listIf only all weekends were this fun.  The order from Peru Flora in Peru, with a quick layover in Germany at Orchids & More, came in on Friday. So, this was my view for morning coffee Saturday. Nice! I spent a very pleasant morning (or better part of the day) doting […]

Flask babies update

uk_kull-0Flask babies: Cattleya schilleriana, Dendrobium cyanocentrum, Paphiopedilum bellatulum, Phalaenopsis amboinensisTime for another update on the flask baby project. Yesterday was a big day! The first few teenagers got to move out of the community pots and into a little pot of their own today. 🙂 Granted, I still placed them in sphagnum moss and keep them in a […]