Dracula cordobae

Ecuador orchid flask baby report

Masdevallia infracta seedling (2010-07-30)It was finally time to repot the little seedlings I bought from Ecuagenera in flasks at the orchid show in Gothenburg 2008. Since deflasking them I have grown them intermediate/warm in a small mini-greenhouse and communal pots with sphagnum moss. It is recommended you grow all small seedlings, even cool growers, a bit warmer but now I thought they […]

Flask baby orchids status report

Orchid flask babiesThe flask baby project is progressing nicely… here you see the Phalaenopsis amboinensis babies.

The UK kids from Equatorial Plants are growing slowly… oh so slowly. For some you can see clear growth, especially Cattleya schilleriana and D. cyanocentrum. Even Paph. bellatulum and Phal. amboinensis (in the picture) are looking good, some are growing faster than others. Promenaea rollinsonii are […]

Ecuador orchid babies: 1 week

Dracula cordobae flask babies - mold!I picked up my 3 flasks from Ecuagenera in Ecuador at the Gothenburg International Orchid show this weekend. The Masdies looked good (decumana and infracta), but the Dracula cordobae came with a 2 cm large spot of mold in the agar. So I had to deflask the little ones right away, too bad […]

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