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New baby arrivals… Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blue

Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueThis is so exciting… and I just have to give a hug and a huge plug to a very nice orchid grower for this one. I very recently (and suddenly) lost both of my Dendrobium cyanocentrum orchids and it really, really sucks! A heartbreaking experience since I raised both plants from flask to flower and they were absolutely perfect […]

New orchid flask babies

Orchid flaskbaby nurserySince most of the orchid flask babies from last summer has moved from the nursery I thought it was time for a new set of little ones. It takes time to look after the little ones, but I really enjoy following their development. Here we have the new gang from Equatorial Plants plus a bottle of Sedirea japonica seedlings I bought from […]

Project flask babies, an update

Dendrobium cyanocentrum v.blueSo a whole bunch of the little flask babies I ordered from Equatorial Plants last summer got to move out of the nursery this week. It was a pretty big job, but really fun to see how much the little guys have grown in about 9 months. It is almost like giving birth, well I am sure my dear sister would […]

Flask babies update

uk_kull-0Flask babies: Cattleya schilleriana, Dendrobium cyanocentrum, Paphiopedilum bellatulum, Phalaenopsis amboinensisTime for another update on the flask baby project. Yesterday was a big day! The first few teenagers got to move out of the community pots and into a little pot of their own today. 🙂 Granted, I still placed them in sphagnum moss and keep them in a […]

Flask baby orchids status report

Orchid flask babiesThe flask baby project is progressing nicely… here you see the Phalaenopsis amboinensis babies.

The UK kids from Equatorial Plants are growing slowly… oh so slowly. For some you can see clear growth, especially Cattleya schilleriana and D. cyanocentrum. Even Paph. bellatulum and Phal. amboinensis (in the picture) are looking good, some are growing faster than others. Promenaea rollinsonii are […]

UK orchid babies (01): 10 weeks

Orchid fask babies, UKAfter about a month I decided to rearrange in the nursery a little bit to get better humidity and to solv the temperature issues I have been dealing with…. it’s been working out really well.

I replanted the babies in tin cooking forms, then filled the mini-greenhouse bottom with leca and water. The leca works as an insulator, so now […]

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UK orchid babies: 3 weeks

Orchid flask babies - UKAfter three weeks, everyone is looking great!!

My only concern is the temperature in the nurseries. I will start bringing down the temp in the growing room at night soon and it will definitely be too cold for these little ones. So I have installed a heating pad, like you would use to heat terrariums for reptiles. It […]

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UK babies: Day 1

The babies arrived from Equatorial Plants in Durham UK by the end of August 2008. I had arranged a large order (50+ hobby flasks) together with some virtual friends on an orchid forum I frequent. It was quite s bit of logistics to pull together but it was fun.

I had 5 flasks with about 5 babies in each for myself in the order. They were technically not really flasks as the guys had […]

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