Masdevallia decumanaThis is an amazing little Masdevallia that I feel no Pleurothallid grower really should be without. Masdevallia decumana has very impressive and large flowers, in fact this orchid is commonly referred to as the large flowered Masdevallia. My flower measures about 5 cm wide, not counting the long elegant sepals that extend far wider than the plant itself. Be sure to look at the close up macro to really appreciate the amazing details of the flower. I have actually tried to get this little darling before, but it turned out to be a different species. This one I got from Peruflora in September and it is now blooming for the first time. I just adore this little Masdevallia, and I am so pleased!! It is a cool to cold growing, compact epiphyte from the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru where it grows at elevations of 1000-2500 meters. I grow it mounted on EpiWeb in the cool vivarium, medium light and high humidity.

Masdevallia decumana