Coelogyne nitidaCoelogyne is a fairly large genus of more than 200 species primarily consisting of epiphytes with a few terrestrial and lithophyte exceptions. The wide distribution, from tropical lowland forests up to montane rain forests mean that temperature preferences vary from species to species. This is Coelogyne nitida, a medium size, intermediate to cool growing species registered by John Lindley in 1824. It has been found in Nepal to the Yunnan province in China and through Indo-China where it grows at elevations of 1500 to 2300 meters.

This is my first Coelogyne and is now blooming for the first time. It has two spikes with multiple flowers on each and I must admit that I like it a lot more than I expected that I would. Coelogyne nitida is commonly referred to as the “Shining Coelogyne” and I can see why. It is a very charming and seductive little plant! I like the shape of the pseudobulbs and the 4 cm wide waxy white flowers are offset by a lovely bright yellow and orange center that is practically glowing. I adore the profile of the flowers too, a much more intriguing appearance than the rather sweet and innocent view of the flower straight on. They are supposed to be fragrant, but I have yet to detect any scent. I grow it mounted in the cool vivarium in high humidity and good air circulation and medium light. I keep it well watered for most of the year when it is in active growth and then allow for a slightly dryer season for a few months in the fall.

Coelogyne nitidaCoelogyne nitidaCoelogyne nitidaCoelogyne nitidaCoelogyne nitidaCoelogyne nitida