Ornithocephalus gladiatus

Ornithocephalus gladiatusThis is a warm to intermediate growing miniature epiphyte found on Grenada and down through the southern neotropical Americas. I keep it mounted in the warm vivarium, quite bright and humid, but I allow it to dry out a bit in between waterings. I got it from Peruflora last April and this is the first bloom for me. I can’t find much information about […]

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An Ornithocephalus sensation

Ornithocephalus sp.Let’s start off the new year with a fantastic little mini Ornithocephalus species. Despite its diminutive size it always puts on an amazing show, seemingly intent on outdoing itself each season. I got an impressive 22 inflorescences this year and the flowers will last for about 2 months! It is a virtual fireworks display of white little birds in flight and I just adore […]

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