Ornithocephalus gladiatusThis is a warm to intermediate growing miniature epiphyte found on Grenada and down through the southern neotropical Americas. I keep it mounted in the warm vivarium, quite bright and humid, but I allow it to dry out a bit in between waterings. I got it from Peruflora last April and this is the first bloom for me. I can’t find much information about this species other than that is was published by Hook in 1824, but the genus is named after its columns similarity to a bird’s head. I can see the inspiration for the name. I really like this genus, the elegant fan shaped leaves are a treat for the eyes even when not in bloom. The fan of Ornithocephalus gladiatus measures about 12 cm wide and the little flowers no more than 3 mm. I got five inflorescences on mine this time with about 20-30 flowers per sprig. I really like the white and green color combination, the jurassic shape and yes… I am a sucker for furry flowers. (Update: I am most certain this is not O gladiatus, most likely it is O. bicornis – thanks Tom!)

Ornithocephalus gladiatusOrnithocephalus gladiatus