Dracula deniseanaThis narrow leaved medium sized cool growing epiphyte comes from Peru. It was registered by Luer in 2002, but other than that there is not much information to find about this species. No collection data exists and it is not very common in cultivation. I got mine from Peruflora last spring and this is the first time it is blooming for me. The flowers are light pink with purple spots and dark red tails and very shapely with a stunning profile. I just adore it!! The lip is hinged so it quivers at the slightest motion, it is quite sensual actually. I have read that this species bloom on an erect inflorescence, but mine bloomed in a semi-pendulous fashion.

I grow it in a net pot with EpiWeb substrate on the floor in the cool vivarium, low light, rather wet and very humid. Dracula is extremely fuzzy about low humidity so I make sure I maintain a relative humidity of 80% or higher in the vivarium at all times.

Dracula deniseanaDracula deniseana