Dracula deniseana

Dracula deniseanaThis narrow leaved medium sized cool growing epiphyte comes from Peru. It was registered by Luer in 2002, but other than that there is not much information to find about this species. No collection data exists and it is not very common in cultivation. I got mine from Peruflora last spring and this is the first time it is blooming for me. The flowers are light pink with […]

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Masdevallia vexillifera a Peruvian rarity

Masdevallia vexilliferaI bought this plant last November. But what I had originally ordered as Masdevallia decumana, a lovely little epiphyte from Peru and Ecuador, actually turned out to be Masdevallia vexillifera, a quite rare species from Peru. I noticed already before the bud opened up that it was much too light to be a decumana, but I thought it might be the pallida […]

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Gothenburg International Orchid Show – the complete haul

Gothenburg International Orchid Show 2010 - The complete haulAlright… here is just a quick rundown of the complete haul from GIOS 2010. Tomorrow I have to pot and mount them all… oh happy times!

(Ecuagenera) Porroglossum muscosum, Porroglossum olivaceum, Masdevallia impostor, Masdevallia falcago, Scaphosepalum swertiifolium f. pink, Masdevallia panguiensis, Masdevallia superbiens, Masdevallia macrura, Dracula chestertonii, Dracula andreettae, Dracula gigas, Lepanthes […]

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Gothenburg International Orchid Show – day one

Gothenburg International Orchid Show 2010 - day 1We have spent most of the year, and very intensely the past few weeks, preparing for the largest orchid show in Sweden, GIOS. Myself and a very small but hard working group on the organizing committee are finally getting to enjoy all the fruits of our labor and we have a fantastic show this year. Really!!  Today, everything […]

A taste of Peru in Gothenburg

Orchids & More order - Peru/Ecuador listIf only all weekends were this fun.  The order from Peru Flora in Peru, with a quick layover in Germany at Orchids & More, came in on Friday. So, this was my view for morning coffee Saturday. Nice! I spent a very pleasant morning (or better part of the day) doting […]