Stelis immersa

This is a wonderfully vigorous plant with nice fleshy dark green leaves and intense chocolate colored flowers. It blooms every winter for me, and this year it started sometime before the new year and just now finished after almost five months of blooming on six inflorescences. The inflorescence grow out from the midrib at mid leaf and hold a long string of nodding flowers measuring about a centimeter tall. It is a small to medium sized, warm to cool growing […]

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Pleurothallis eumecocaulon

Pleurothallis eumecocaulonA small but very beautiful little Pleurothallis from the section Ancipitia. It hails from the wet forests of Costa Rica and Panama where it grows at altitudes from 800 to 1700 meters. It is a prolific bloomer, mine has been blooming for a few months already. The flowers are small and don’t quite open up all the way so the flower looks a little bit […]

Gothenburg International Orchid Show – day one

Gothenburg International Orchid Show 2010 - day 1We have spent most of the year, and very intensely the past few weeks, preparing for the largest orchid show in Sweden, GIOS. Myself and a very small but hard working group on the organizing committee are finally getting to enjoy all the fruits of our labor and we have a fantastic show this year. Really!!  Today, everything […]

Pleurothallis nuda

Pleurothallis nudaThis is another purchase from my big Peru Flora order this spring… I grow it potted in a plastic mesh pot with EpiWeb substrate in the lower half of the cool vivarium. It has been blooming all summer and is still going strong, usually with 2-3 flowers open at a time. Each inflorescence produces more than one pendulous flower in succession and they last for a […]

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