Pleurothallis immersa

Stelis immersa

This is a wonderfully vigorous plant with nice fleshy dark green leaves and intense chocolate colored flowers. It blooms every winter for me, and this year it started sometime before the new year and just now finished after almost five months of blooming on six inflorescences. The inflorescence grow out from the midrib at mid leaf and hold a long string of nodding flowers measuring about a centimeter tall. It is a small to medium sized, warm to cool growing […]

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Stelis immersa

Pleurothallis immersaThis is a small intermediate to cool growing epiphyte from Central to South America. It has been reported to grow as as low as 800 meters, but are probably more likely found between 1600 to 2100 meters. It produces a long inflorescence with several nodding, long lasting flowers measuring about one centimeter tall. The buds started opening right after new year and it is still […]

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