Diodonopsis pygmaea… or is it?

This plant originally comes from Ecuagenera who sell it under the name Diodonopsis pygmaea. However, I am not convinced that this is correct. Although my plant and flower matches the picture on Ecuageneras website, other photos of this species show a rather different looking plant and flower. For one, there is nothing pygmy about this pygmaea… The plant is much larger that I had expected with leaves measuring about 8-10 cm and with a much broader flower measuring about 1.5 cm. My […]

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Masdevallia striatella

This is a small intermediate growing epiphyte from Central America. It can be found in mountain cloud forest from Costa Rica to Northwestern Venezuela at altitudes ranging from 400 meters up to 2500 meters. Flowers are small, only about one centimeter long, but the nice coloration makes up for any shortcomings in size. It usually blooms in the late fall/ early winter in nature, and it has been doing the same for me this year, blooming from […]

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Masdevallia rex

I was picking up my pre-ordered plants from Ecuagenera at an orchid show back in September, and I asked Alex if he had anything special on the table I should consider. He suggested this Masdevallia rex, a species they had only recently begun selling. I took his advice and brought it home, and now it is blooming for the first time. One flower just opened, but there are a myriad of buds coming so […]

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Masdevallia (Regalia) ayabacana

Masdevallia ayabacanaMasdevallia ayabacana, or Regalia ayabacana according to Luer, is from the impressive section Durae which hold impressive Masdevallia relatives such as princeps for example. The section (or genus if you want) is characterized by large thick leaves and large, fleshy, long-lasting flowers with thick callous petals and most with extremely long sepaline tails. The sepals are also connate, meaning the two lower sepals are fused together. The flowers of Masdevallia ayabacana are customarily […]

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Masdevallia (Fissia) picturata

Masdevallia picturataThere is just something special about this mini-Masdevallia… and everytime it blooms I am reminded of its awesomeness. The flowers are not large, but compared to the plant they are rather impressive in size none the less. The plant is no more than 5 cm tall and  the width of the flower measures just over 1 cm, but the three long graceful sepals […]

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Masdevallia (Alaticaulia) norae

Masdevallia noraeThis species hail from Colombia, Venezuela and maybe even as far down as into northwestern Brazil. It is a warm to intermediate grower actually as it grows primarily in lowland forests at elevations of 200 to 1000 meters. However, it does not seem to have any objections to the cooler temperatures in my cool vivarium, so I would say that it is a very temperature tolerant […]

Masdevallia (Acinopetala) nicaraguae

Masdevallia nicaraguaeA small to medium size warm to intermediate growing epiphyte that was found in the in cloud forest on Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua, but it grows across most of Central America. The waxy white flowers measure about 1,5 cm tall and bloom on a short, single flowered, suberect inflorescence amidst the leaves. I really like the sparse pink and green details inside the flowers and the faint […]

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Masdevallia roseola

Masdevallia roseolaSome orchids are just amazing bloomers, and this is definitely one of those. It blooms with this intense vigor twice a year in spring and fall with a sweet display of 30+ fragrant flowers with a lovely scent of honey. Masdevallia roseola is a miniature intermediate to cool growing epiphyte from Peru and Ecuador where it grows at elevations of 1500 to 1900 meters. I grow […]

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Masdevallia wurdackii

Masdevallia wurdackiiThis is a cool growing epiphyte from northern Peru where it grows at 2000-2400 meters. The plant is medium sized but with very impressive large flowers measuring an impressive 16 cm tall, blooming on a single flowered, erect inflorescence. I must admit I love the whole Caudatae subsection within Masdevallia, but I specially adore the shape of these flowers, so elegant and beautiful and extremely […]

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Masdevallia cyclotega

Masdevallia cyclotegaThis is another one of those proud moments you enjoy as a grower when you bloom something for the first time that you have been wanting to grow for years. I really, really love this particular Masdevallia. Yes, yes I know I am partial to the whole genus and I say this all the time, but this is really a neat one… he […]

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