Masdevallia noraeThis species hail from Colombia, Venezuela and maybe even as far down as into northwestern Brazil. It is a warm to intermediate grower actually as it grows primarily in lowland forests at elevations of 200 to 1000 meters. However, it does not seem to have any objections to the cooler temperatures in my cool vivarium, so I would say that it is a very temperature tolerant species. A nice quality for a species in this lovely but primarily cool loving genus. Flowers measure about 2 cm tall and have a pleasant metallic appearance due to the slightly iridescent coloring. Masdevallia norae belong to the Alaticaules subsection, or the new Alaticaulia genus according to Luer. I find it rather easy to grow and a pleasant addition in my collection. I grow this potted in EpiWeb substrate on the bottom ov my cool vivarium, medium/low light, evenly moist all year round and in relative high humidity.

Masdevallia norae Luer, Lindleyana 3: 44 (1988).

Masdevallia norae