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Masdevallia roseola

Masdevallia herraduraeThis is a miniature epiphyte from Peru and Ecuador where it grows at elevations of 1500 to 1900 meters. It is a fast growing caespitose species, which means that it forms dense tufts. I grow it mounted on EpiWeb in the cool vivarium at medium light levels. The plant is definitely best displayed mounted, when potted it was really hard to see the flowers […]

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A taste of Peru in Gothenburg

Orchids & More order - Peru/Ecuador listIf only all weekends were this fun.  The order from Peru Flora in Peru, with a quick layover in Germany at Orchids & More, came in on Friday. So, this was my view for morning coffee Saturday. Nice! I spent a very pleasant morning (or better part of the day) doting […]

Dreaming of remote Peruvian cloud forests

Mmmm… German grower Orchids & More just returned from Ecuador and Peru with a huge shipment of orchids – and there are a lot of really cool orchids on their new list. I just have to get my hot little hands on a few of them! Luckily I am not the only one feeling this way, and in no time at all I had found an order to piggyback on for […]

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