Ecuador orchid flask baby report

Masdevallia infracta seedling (2010-07-30)It was finally time to repot the little seedlings I bought from Ecuagenera in flasks at the orchid show in Gothenburg 2008. Since deflasking them I have grown them intermediate/warm in a small mini-greenhouse and communal pots with sphagnum moss. It is recommended you grow all small seedlings, even cool growers, a bit warmer but now I thought they […]

Masdevallia mendozae

Masdevallia mendozaeMasdevallia mendozaeI picked up this little gem from Ecuagenera at the Sofiero orchid show in May and it obviously did not object over the long journey from South America since it is already blooming. I just adore this little thing… the sepals remain fused together and the flowers look like some sort of an alien… […]

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Dreaming of remote Peruvian cloud forests

Mmmm… German grower Orchids & More just returned from Ecuador and Peru with a huge shipment of orchids – and there are a lot of really cool orchids on their new list. I just have to get my hot little hands on a few of them! Luckily I am not the only one feeling this way, and in no time at all I had found an order to piggyback on for […]

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