Prosthechea vitellinaProsthechea vitellina, formerly known as Encyclia vitellina, is a medium sized epiphyte found in Mexico to Cental America where it primarily grows in oak or pine forests and cloud forests at altitudes of 1400 to 2600 meters. It is an intermediate to cool grower that enjoys a lot of light. I grow mine potted in sphagnum moss in the intermediate window, very bright with supplemental lighting year round. It is blooming almost constantly, only taking a short breather late fall to early winter. Then I let it rest for a few weeks, slightly drier but still bright, until it begins to put out new growth again. Mine rarely rests for more than a month.

The leaves are slightly blue in color presenting a nice contrast to the brightly colored flowers. The flowers measure about 3 cm across and are intensely orange in color with a small yellow lip, given a little bit of back light they positively glow! Each flower last a really long time and new flowers form successively as the inflorescence keeps growing. The spike can grow to be almost half a meter long, sometimes branching, and it can bloom for half a year, sometimes longer, on the same inflorescence with 10-20 flowers open simultaneously. I have two inflorescences blooming now and two new bulbs on the way. It is a ray of sunshine in the window and a joy to grow.

Prosthechea vitellinaProsthechea vitellinaProsthechea vitellina