Dracula erythrochaeteDracula erythrochaeteThis is a nice little cool growing Dracula from the cloud forests of Costa Rica and Panama where it grows at altitudes up to 1100 to 2100 meters. The flower measures approximately 5 cm so it is quite large in relation to the plant. It will produce about 2-3 flowers per inflorescence, one after the other.  I got this in a trade with a friend last fall and it is now blooming for the first time. Dracula is one of my favorite genus, I just adore the hairy flowers. It is very exciting to finally be able to grow them now that I can provide the right growing conditions. I grow mine mounted on EpiWeb in the cool vivarium under medium/low lighting and high humidity.

Dracula is a member of the Pleurothallid Alliance and consist of about 100 unique species endemic to South and Central America. Dracula erythrochaete was registered by Luer in 1978. The species name stem from Greek meaning  meaning “a long, red bristle,” which is referring to the long red sepal or tails. The name Dracula comes from Latin meaning little dragon as some seem to think the flowers resemble a dragon or monster. Personally I just think they are gorgeous!