Lepanthes caprimulgusLepanthes caprimulgusI have recently become quite fascinated with Lepanthes, a very interesting large genus with ith about 700 species of strange looking flowers with neat colorations. I chose caprimulgus as my first Lepanthes because I love the stripes, and seeing it in bloom for the first time is very exciting!! I just bought it from Peru Flora back in April so it did not take long for it to adjust to its new life in my cool viv. I grow it mounted on EpiWeb under medium light, humid and as cool as I can. Currently that means 13 – 15 nights and 20 – 22 days over summer, but it will be kept cooler in the winter.

The flower is small, only about 0,5 cm on a small plant. It can be found in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru at altitudes of 1600-2330 meters. A climate I am trying to replicate her in my Swedish apartment. So far so good obviously. It comes with one flower at a time, but apparently there will be more successive flowers on the same inflorescence.