Lepanthes caprimulgus

Lepanthes caprimulgus

Lepanthes caprimulgusThis lovely little gem is blooming again – or perhaps I should say “large” as the flower measures almost 1 cm which is rather large for Lepanthes. The flamboyant purple-striped flower is hanging precariously on a nearly impossibly thin inflorescence that blooms several times in succession. This one started blooming last summer and bloomed all through winter and is now going at it again after only a couple of […]

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Lepanthes caprimulgus

Lepanthes caprimulgusLepanthes caprimulgusI have recently become quite fascinated with Lepanthes, a very interesting large genus with ith about 700 species of strange looking flowers with neat colorations. I chose caprimulgus as my first Lepanthes because I love the stripes, and seeing it in bloom for the first time is very exciting!! I just bought it from […]

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Cool vivarium – let it rain… and fog… and yeah, it is done!

Alright… the past few weeks have been very eventful in the orchid department, but I have also been extremely busy at work and I have not had time to write about everything that has been going on, mainly the cool vivarium build… but here we go.

Last time I checked in I had just installed the Vivaria rain system. I have since moved it twice…he he. Well, originally I had placed three nozzles along the top and […]