Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueThis is so exciting… and I just have to give a hug and a huge plug to a very nice orchid grower for this one. I very recently (and suddenly) lost both of my Dendrobium cyanocentrum orchids and it really, really sucks! A heartbreaking experience since I raised both plants from flask to flower and they were absolutely perfect and thriving until the quick and brutal end – just look at the last two photos below…

I had mentioned this to Dick at Equatorial Plant Company (where I had originally gotten the orchids from), and then yesterday I received a package in the mail, completely unannounced, and it was a small vial with 3 new Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blue babies inside! Thanks a lot Dick, you rock!! The last batch of babies grew to flowering size in about 1,5 years, we will see how these new arrivals do. I purchased the blue color form last time, which turned out white which I actually prefer. I am curious to see what these new babies look like when they bloom. A quick bath and then I mounted them on a piece of cork with a bit of sphagnum moss around the roots. I am so happy to have these new little babies in my warm vivarium once more.

If any of you are curious of raising orchids from flasks I can definitely recommend the Equatorial Plant Company, they have a great selection, good quality, and you can buy large mother flasks, smaller commercial flasks or even tiny hobby flasks of 5 seedlings just deflasked and ready for planting out. I will keep you posted on the development of these new babies.

Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueDendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueDendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueDendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueDendrobium cyanocentrum f. whiteDendrobium cyanocentrum f. white