New baby arrivals… Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blue

Dendrobium cyanocentrum f. blueThis is so exciting… and I just have to give a hug and a huge plug to a very nice orchid grower for this one. I very recently (and suddenly) lost both of my Dendrobium cyanocentrum orchids and it really, really sucks! A heartbreaking experience since I raised both plants from flask to flower and they were absolutely perfect […]

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My very first flask to flower!

Dendrobium cyanocentrum var. blueWell… I did not get the actual flask to flower, that would have been quite a trick, but rather the orchid seedling in it and I am so excited! This is a very big day for me as an orchid grower. The very first flask baby that I have raised all the way from a flask to a flower […]

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