Paphiopedilum Satin SmokeAs passionate as I am about Pleurothallids, I still get all warm inside when these majestic Paphiopedilum bloom. So it is a good thing that I more more room for them on the windowsill now after building the cool viv for the others.

I am a little bit of a species snob when it comes to all orchid genera – except Paphiopedilum. Some of the primary hybrids are just amazing. Take this one for example. It has inherited the very best characteristics from both its parents and I actually think that it is much more beautiful than both of them too. It has retained the nice multi floral habit from the P. primulinum seed parent, and it has inherited its beautifully mottled leaves and well shaped pouch from P. micranthum. Lovely color combinations overall too, this is one of my favorites.

Paphiopedilum Satin SmokePaphiopedilum Satin Smoke