Marita Åkesson

Phalaenopsis Miva Fragrance

Phalaenopsis Miva FragranceA very nice and, as the name suggests, fragrant Phalaenopsis hybrid. I bought it from Marita Åkesson last year, an impuls buy really, but I am glad for it. It is now  blooming for the first time and both the color and fragrance is quite nice indeed. It is a hybrid from Michel Vacherot, registered 1991, and a cross between Phalaenopsis […]

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My Phalaenopsis bellina is going to bloom already!!

Phalaenopsis bellinaWow, I thougth the plant I bought about 6 weeks ago was a little too small to bloom, but Look what I found when I was watering… the beginning of a flowerstalk!! Yay! This is very exciting news. I know I have told you guys before, but it was really the Phalaenopsis bellina that triggered the dream for a warm vivarium in the […]

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