Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea

Phalaenopsis violacea v. coeruleaA wonderfully fragrant Phalaenopsis species from Malaysia and Sumatra where it grows at an altitude of about 150 meters. It is a warm growing pendulous epiphyte with nice waxy flowers of light violet hues on a cream base. Some say the fragrance is a mix of bubble gum and cinnamon, but I think it smells more like Lilly of the Valley with a hint of Jasmine […]

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Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea

Phalaenopsis violacea var. coeruleaFor part two of the fragrance series this summer (part one), I am pleased to present this lovely Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea. A warm growing species from Malaysia and Sumatra where it grows at an altitude of about 150 meters. The fragrance of my close is not super strong, but it is definitely noticeable, especially when it is warm […]

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Phalaenopsis Mini Mark ‘Holm’

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'I do not grow many Phalaenopsis, but I must admit that I really am smitten by this little hybrid. It looks like a little ray of sunshine in my window, something we are in rather short supply of this time of year. Mini Mark is the result of a very successful cross between Phalaenopsis Micro Nova (maculata x parishii) and philippinense. My […]

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Phalaenopsis bellina bud drop

Phalaenopsis bellinaIt’s bellina season again… It smells lovely in the warm vivarium right now, although I think my particular clone has a pretty weak scent for a bellina. Some say one flower can fill an entire houses with its fragrance, mine is definitely a bit more shy than that but I do not mind. This species likes it hot and humid, why I keep mine in […]

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Phalaenopsis sanderiana

Phalaenopsis sanderianaPhalaenopsis sanderiana is a very nice species from the Philippines where it grows at sea level up to about 450 meters. It was discovered in 1882 by Roebelin who sent it off to Sander, the famous orchid collector who gave it its name. I never use supporting stakes for my orchids, unless absolutley necessary. I think it is much more beautiful to […]

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Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi

Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi f.flavaPhalaenopsis cornu-cervi f. redThis is one of by absolute favorite Phalaenopsis species. It is a hot growing epiphyte/litofyphyte found accross Indo-China to western Malesia and Philippines where it grows at altitudes of 200 to 1000 meters. The common name is the deer antlered Phalaenopsis, and you can kind of see […]

Phalaenopsis floresensis a looker with a bite

Phalaenopsis floresensisThis is a very nice warm growing Phalaenopsis species named after the island Flores in Indonesia where it was first discovered. It  grows fairly close to sea level at about 150 to 500 meters on trees located in humid or wet areas. The flowers are small and cream colored with some very faint lines across the base of the lateral sepls. But what […]

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Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis parishiiThis tiny little Phalaenopsis is a warm growing epiphyte found on lower elevations in the eastern Himalayas and further south across Indochinese peninsula. This is the first flowering for my orchid, and it produced a very short inflorescence with one small flower, but it is a cute one. The flower is only about 2 cm big and the whole plant is not more than […]

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Phalaenopsis Miva Fragrance

Phalaenopsis Miva FragranceA very nice and, as the name suggests, fragrant Phalaenopsis hybrid. I bought it from Marita Åkesson last year, an impuls buy really, but I am glad for it. It is now  blooming for the first time and both the color and fragrance is quite nice indeed. It is a hybrid from Michel Vacherot, registered 1991, and a cross between Phalaenopsis […]

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark ‘Holm’

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark 'Holm'It is Mini Mark season again… mine blooms twice a year with 2 inflorescences each time. I have said it before, but I really love this cute little hybrid. It is small, but I would definitely not call it a mini, even though I have seen it listed as such. The leaf span on mine measure 26 […]

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