Promenaea rollinsonii

Project flask babies, an update

So a whole bunch of the little flask babies I ordered from Equatorial Plants last summer got to move out of the nursery this week. It was a pretty big job, but really fun to see how much the little guys have grown in about 9 months. It is almost like giving birth, well I […]

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My first flask babies (orchilds) are moving out of the nest…

My first flask baby orchids have grown up enough to move out into the world. They are still small, but they are off to a good home. A quite well grown little Dendrobium cyanocentrum and a Promenaea rollinsonii baby plus a little keiki off my Gastrochilus calceolaris is now on their way to their new […]

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Flask babies update

Time for another update on the flask baby project. Yesterday was a big day! The first few teenagers got to move out of the community pots and into a little pot of their own today. :) Granted, I still placed them in sphagnum moss and keep them in a separate mini-greenhouse in pretty much the same conditions […]

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Flask baby orchids status report

The flask baby project is progressing nicely… here you see the Phalaenopsis amboinensis babies.

The UK kids from Equatorial Plants are growing slowly… oh so slowly. For some you can see clear growth, especially Cattleya schilleriana and D. cyanocentrum. Even Paph. bellatulum and Phal. amboinensis (in the picture) are looking good, some are growing faster than […]

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