Orchid vivarium

Cool vivarium – let there be light

Now we are getting really close to completing the build part of this project – finally!! This week most of the big stuff came from Dartfrog in the UK, lights, rain system and a bunch of other assorted goodies. So, it was a really heavy week, but this is the home stretch. Good thing too, I think dear husband is starting to burn out a little bit on this project. He has been […]

Cool vivarium – a cool install

Alright… finally a third report on the vivarium project. It is still a lot left to be done, I am still waiting for all the supplies from UK for one, but it is actually starting to feel like I am making some headway… This is what I have been up to the past two weeks. For starters dear husband and I spent about 3 hours (!) walking the aisles of Bauhaus (just like Home Depot, […]

Cool vivarium – an epic wall

They may say that one who is waiting for something good can never wait too long… but I am starting to feel the time crunch now… I have a lot of plants coming from Peru in a few weeks and I am nowhere near ready for them. I have ordered a lot of gear for the new cool vivarium, but two weeks have passed and only about half has arrived. The viv. has been standing like an […]

Cool vivarium – day one

Finally there is a new large terrarium standing in the orchid room. Empty as of yet, but full of promise. This is truly a Valentine’s Day gift right up my alley, much better than roses!

I will convert this terrarium into a cool vivarium and create my own little orchid cloud forest in there. Well, perhaps “little” is an inappropriate description since it measures 175 cm wide, 160 cm high and 65 cm deep. A significant […]

Gimme more Aerangis mooreana

Aerangis mooreanaThis lovely little orchid is blooming right now, and I must admit that that it is a pretty powerful sight. Aerangis mooreana is a small warm grower from Madagascar and the Comoros Islands where it grows at elevations of sea level up to 600 meters. I grow mine in the warm vivarium mounted on a clay pipe filled with water, and it seems quite happy with the arrangement. […]

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Project flask babies, an update

Dendrobium cyanocentrum v.blueSo a whole bunch of the little flask babies I ordered from Equatorial Plants last summer got to move out of the nursery this week. It was a pretty big job, but really fun to see how much the little guys have grown in about 9 months. It is almost like giving birth, well I am sure my dear sister would […]

The Angraecum florulentum saga continues…

Angraecum florulentum…but now it is starting to sound a bit more like a fairytale!  The first two buds have opened. They probably will open up a bit more, but I was so excited to see the beautiful crisp white waxy flowers that I just had to share. Especially after all the drama the past week… No detectible fragrance yet, but I am planning to […]

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How to heat the new vivarium…

I have experimented a little with my new orchid vivarium and I have not really solved how I will heat it sufficiently… I want to keep it in my intermediate/cool growing roomwhere nighttime temp can dip down to 15 degrees in the winter. So the room temperature is definitely not helping. I am aiming for a medium temperature (at night) of 19-24 degrees inside the cabinet (while the room stays at 15-19 degrees) in the colder months.

I don’t think the heatmat I use for my flask babies […]

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Whoops… I came home with another orchidarium

new orchid vivariumI was window shopping at terrariums on “blocket,” kind of a Swedish version of Craig’s list… I saw one, the guy lived 10 minutes away and I gave him an offer of half of what he was asking and he took it!! … soooo it just kind of happened….

Ehm… anyhow, the dimensions are 75cm wide 80 cm tall 40 cm deep […]

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