Angraecum florulentum

Angraecum florulentum

Angraecum florulentumSo the fragrant saga continues… This is a lovely medium sized monopodial epiphyte from the Comoros where it grows on altitudes from 600 to 1000 meters. It smells kind of like Lilly of the Valley with a hint of jasmine in the mix too perhaps. The scent is quite strong in the evening.

Angraecum florulentumI […]

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The Angraecum florulentum saga continues…

Angraecum florulentum…but now it is starting to sound a bit more like a fairytale!  The first two buds have opened. They probably will open up a bit more, but I was so excited to see the beautiful crisp white waxy flowers that I just had to share. Especially after all the drama the past week… No detectible fragrance yet, but I am planning to […]

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Angraecum bud-autopsy

The Angraecum villain hunt continues. Day two. I had already looked all over the plant for any kind of insects but did not see anything.  I am still trying to figure out why this one bud would fail, so I decided to perform a bud-autopsy on the mysteriously blasted Angraecum bud… No vermin found. Not even when scrutinized under a magnifying glass. No, my dear Watson, the working theory is that the spur might have gotten damaged somehow […]

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Mysterious Angraecum florulentum bud blast

Angraecum florulentumNow I am a bit confused … one of the buds on my Angraecum florulentum has begun to fade. The other 4 buds are thankfully developing nicely and are looking fine – so far. I really have no idea why this one bud (top left) has decided to blast on me. 😐

I have never had this happen on buds I have cultivated myself – just in new […]

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Finally! A phalaenopsis bellina for me!!

Warm vivariumI don’t know how it happened, and I can’t remember where, but I fell in love with phal bellina about a year ago and have ever since dreamed about a vivarium for warm growing species. Now that I have one, I finally came home with my beloved bellina. I am soo happy!! I had ordered it from Marita Åkesson […]

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