Aerangis mooreana

Aerangis mooreana

Aerangis mooreana
This is a lovely little epiphyte hails from the Comoros and Madagascar where it grows in humid forests from sea level to 600 meters. I got mine from the German grower Karge a couple of years ago and have since been growing it mounted in the warm vivarium. I grow it fairly bright, perhaps 10 cm from the light (9000 lumen), […]

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Gimme more Aerangis mooreana

Aerangis mooreanaThis lovely little orchid is blooming right now, and I must admit that that it is a pretty powerful sight. Aerangis mooreana is a small warm grower from Madagascar and the Comoros Islands where it grows at elevations of sea level up to 600 meters. I grow mine in the warm vivarium mounted on a clay pipe filled with water, and it seems quite happy with the arrangement. […]

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The haul from the weekend orchid show…

Prosthechea vitellinaThis was a good day for the orchid fiend. There was a (very small) orchid show at one of the flowershops an hour north of here. I had special ordered a few plants from the main grower supplying the show, Karge from Germany, but of course there were several impulse buys as well…  

So after about an hour of perusing, with the very patient […]