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The haul from the orchid show at Sofiero last weekend

Sofiero, Sweden 2009The Sofiero orchid show came with sunny blue skies and nice spring temperatures this year. Dear husband and I set out early in the morning to get there when they opened at 10 am. Well, we made it by 10:45 but who’s counting. The whole Sofiero park was in bloom, and the castle by the ocean looked almost like a fairytale […]

The haul from the weekend orchid show…

Prosthechea vitellinaThis was a good day for the orchid fiend. There was a (very small) orchid show at one of the flowershops an hour north of here. I had special ordered a few plants from the main grower supplying the show, Karge from Germany, but of course there were several impulse buys as well…  

So after about an hour of perusing, with the very patient […]

Orchid show at Blomsterlandet

Today I went to the orchid show at Blomsterlandet on Backaplan. I did not have the greatest of expectations, but I was still disappointed… There were pretty much just a bunch of phal hybrids, bellara/cambria, and a bunch of other no-name hybrids… From the looks of things only one grower (Stenåsa from Varberg) was part of the exhibit. Maybe had I gone when they opened on Wednesday I would have found more…

None the less I […]

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