Masdevallia Amazone ‘Tala Sca’

It must be Masdevallia season…

Masdevallia rolfeana …because almost all of my Masdevallias are blooming now. I have an aquarius hybrid that has been blooming non-stop since May 2008! Another, a small Masdevallia guttulata – truly a perpetual bloomer – is working on on flower number 9 on the same inflorescence at the moment. Only the two winter blooming tovarensis are not in bloom right now. We’ve had a bit of […]

The haul from the orchid show at Sofiero last weekend

Sofiero, Sweden 2009The Sofiero orchid show came with sunny blue skies and nice spring temperatures this year. Dear husband and I set out early in the morning to get there when they opened at 10 am. Well, we made it by 10:45 but who’s counting. The whole Sofiero park was in bloom, and the castle by the ocean looked almost like a fairytale […]