Masdevallia guttulata

Masdevallia guttulata

Masdevallia guttulata
This is a small epiphyte from Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador where it grows along streams at altitudes between 400 and 1100 meters. Since it grows on pretty low altitudes it is also more tolerant to warmer temperatures and do well in intermediate culture. The small flowers are perhaps not as showy as some other Masdevallia, but […]

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It must be Masdevallia season…

Masdevallia rolfeana …because almost all of my Masdevallias are blooming now. I have an aquarius hybrid that has been blooming non-stop since May 2008! Another, a small Masdevallia guttulata – truly a perpetual bloomer – is working on on flower number 9 on the same inflorescence at the moment. Only the two winter blooming tovarensis are not in bloom right now. We’ve had a bit of […]

Masdevallia guttulata – much more graceful than the name implies…

Masdevallia guttulataThis little gem is blooming now for the first time – for me. I wonder how it got its name, because it sounds as if it should be some hardcore, heavyweight flower, when instead it is quite delicate. The white cone created by the fused sepals is almost sheer and the deep purple spots inside shines through the sides a little bit. I love the shape […]

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Oh oh… trouble in paradise!

masdie_fungusOkay, looked into the nano cabinet last night and it seems like I have a fungus problem on my hands… Two masdevallia orchids, tuerckheimii (left) and guttulata (right) are affected. Dang!!

As much as this sucks, I think I know what the problem is … when I watering water is dripping from the orchids hanging above these guys. With this many plants in the nano the […]

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