Masdevallia guttulataThis little gem is blooming now for the first time – for me. I wonder how it got its name, because it sounds as if it should be some hardcore, heavyweight flower, when instead it is quite delicate. The white cone created by the fused sepals is almost sheer and the deep purple spots inside shines through the sides a little bit. I love the shape of the flowers and the purple spots against the almost reflective white coloring with  tips that look as if they have been dipped in butter.  

I bought this one last November from Orchids & More in Germany. It was listed as small, but I would call this a medium sized masdevallia personally. At first I put it in the nano vivarium (since that was what I had originally bought it for), but it looked a bit too large for the space. Now I grow it in the warm vivarium in semi-hydro vulcanic rocks and it seems quite happy there.