Phragmipedium Grande

Phragmipedium GrandeI usually do not buy plants this big due to the limitations of my growing space, but I did not realize just how large it would get when I bought it – even though the name should have tipped me off… but it’s OK really, it is such an impressive hybrid and I just can’t help to love it. It is a primary […]

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Phragmipedium besseae

Phragmipedium besseaeI have been looking forward to this one all summer, it is such a strikingly beautiful flower and the first time it blooms for me. I bought it last fall and I think I actually stalled it a little bit by repotting it, but now it is fianlly blooming and it is also coming with three new shoots at the same time!

Phragmipedium besseae […]

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Prosthechea cochleata… or the clamshell octopus

Prosthechea cochleataClamshell octopus, that sounds like something our of a B-horror flick… but the common name for this species is the cockleshell or clamshell orchid, although we tend to call it the octopus orchid (bläckfiskorkidé) here in Sweden. It is not hard to see why, either name fits the bill. The flowers are about 9 cm tall and are actually quite unique as […]

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A Grande achievement!

Phragmipedium GrandeThis has got to be one of my proudest moments as an orchid grower… so far. My Phragmipedium Grande has finally decided to bloom!! I have waited two years for this glorious occasion and I plan to take full credit. Damn I am good! (and modest)  Ehm, well… truth be told a few weeks ago I thought I might actually have messed up so bad I would […]

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The Masdevallia experiment: day 160

Back in April (5 months ago) I decided to start a little experiment with Masdevallia and different growing mediums. Until then I had only cultivated my Masdevallia i sphagnum moss, but I wanted to try goring them in semi-hydro volcanic rock. I had two near identical M. tovarensis orchids so they were a logical choice for my small experiment. Warning: Sweeping generalizations and vague scientific conclusions ahead.

Here is the report on the result.

The control, Masdevallia […]

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Masdevallia guttulata – much more graceful than the name implies…

Masdevallia guttulataThis little gem is blooming now for the first time – for me. I wonder how it got its name, because it sounds as if it should be some hardcore, heavyweight flower, when instead it is quite delicate. The white cone created by the fused sepals is almost sheer and the deep purple spots inside shines through the sides a little bit. I love the shape […]

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Clamshell chocolate anyone?

Prostechea cochleataAh, drum roll please! It is time for this years’ Prostechea cochleata flowering. The first bud just opened and there is one more not far behind, plus another set on deck. This particular orchid usually has a few flowers open at once, and when one set is done a new set is ready to open, which makes for very long flowering periods. Last year, this one bloomed for 8 months straight. It is a lovely […]

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The Masdevallia experiment: day 1

I have decided to start a little experiment testing potting media with Masdevallias. I happen to have two lovely Masdevallia tovarensis orchids that need to be repotted, so they have been volunteered for the project.

New Zealand Sphagnum Moss I plan to place one back in sphagnum moss, like they both have been cultivated for the […]

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