Prostechea cochleata

Seed pod failure

Prosthechea cochleataIt has been quite exciting to follow the development of the Prosthechea cochleata seed pod over the past few weeks. It has been swelling rather quickly and it has been a thrill to watch as it is my first pollination attempt. Then things started going wrong… The new bud forming on this years new bulb started turning brown, I did not see any […]

Pollination update – week 1

Prosthechea cochleataOne week has passed since my first pollination attempt and, impatient as I am, I feel that it is time for a status update. In the right corner we have the graceful Paphiopedilum Vinicolor and in the left corner, the faithful bloomer Prosthechea cochleata.

Paphiopedilum VinicolorThe P. Vinicolor flower have now started […]

Clamshell chocolate anyone?

Prostechea cochleataAh, drum roll please! It is time for this years’ Prostechea cochleata flowering. The first bud just opened and there is one more not far behind, plus another set on deck. This particular orchid usually has a few flowers open at once, and when one set is done a new set is ready to open, which makes for very long flowering periods. Last year, this one bloomed for 8 months straight. It is a lovely […]

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Encyclia cochleata alien embryo

Encyclia cochleataYou can tell that spring is coming. In the orchid room at least (outside it snowed again yesterday and today it slush all over the place). There are a lot of new buds forming, and one of the coolest looking ones is the Encyclia (Prostechea) cochleata flower pod. It looks like a small embryo (or an alien, whichever) is growing inside the protective […]

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