The Masdevallia experiment

The Masdevallia experiment: day 160

Back in April (5 months ago) I decided to start a little experiment with Masdevallia and different growing mediums. Until then I had only cultivated my Masdevallia i sphagnum moss, but I wanted to try goring them in semi-hydro volcanic rock. I had two near identical M. tovarensis orchids so they were a logical choice for my small experiment. Warning: Sweeping generalizations and vague scientific conclusions ahead.

Here is the report on the result.

The control, Masdevallia […]

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The Masdevallia experiment: day 1

I have decided to start a little experiment testing potting media with Masdevallias. I happen to have two lovely Masdevallia tovarensis orchids that need to be repotted, so they have been volunteered for the project.

New Zealand Sphagnum Moss I plan to place one back in sphagnum moss, like they both have been cultivated for the […]

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