Prosthechea cochleata

Prosthechea cochleata… or the clamshell octopus

Prosthechea cochleataClamshell octopus, that sounds like something our of a B-horror flick… but the common name for this species is the cockleshell or clamshell orchid, although we tend to call it the octopus orchid (bläckfiskorkidé) here in Sweden. It is not hard to see why, either name fits the bill. The flowers are about 9 cm tall and are actually quite unique as […]

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A Prosthechea cochleata cesarean section

Prosthechea cochleataThe same lovely Prosthechea cochleata that I just pollinated have also been working on a new bud on this years’ growth. I thought it would wait until spring to bloom since it just  finished blooming on the previous years’ bulb. But, this little lady had other plans, and she is facing some complications.

For some reason the bud started turning brown a few weeks […]

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