Phalaenopsis Marbella

An orchid with “drulleförsäkring”

Phalaenopsis MarbellaYou just have to love orchids that come with full “drulleförsäkring” (liability insurance for clumsy people, or clumsiness insurance for short). My dear Phalaenopsis Marbella is such an orchid.

This little lady is flowering right now, but it almost was not to be this year. I managed to break the flower spike when watering earlier this spring and was really upset about it too ([…]

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Marvelous Marbella

Phalaenopsis MarbellaTrue to form, the fabulous Phalaenopsis Marbella flower spike I managed to break (!) a month ago (See: “DANG!!“) has begun to grow again! YES!!

This plant is extremely willing to please, it loves to bloom, and I bummed out for quite some time after breaking the spike. Now she is bouncing back as I had hoped. So I set her back about […]

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