Sofiero, Sweden 2009The Sofiero orchid show came with sunny blue skies and nice spring temperatures this year. Dear husband and I set out early in the morning to get there when they opened at 10 am. Well, we made it by 10:45 but who’s counting. The whole Sofiero park was in bloom, and the castle by the ocean looked almost like a fairytale in the morning dew.

Waaait a minute!!!

You really think I noticed the dewdrops and fairies with two cramped tents full of orchids on the horizon?! Right… heh.

Vanda KapioleaWell, in either case. The exhibition tent was filled with beautiful orchids, the growers’ pride. But the one that really stood out was absolutely the 2 meter tall (!) Vanda Kapiolea grown by Tommy Ljunggren. Stunning plant!! Surprisingly enough it did not win any awards at the show… hmmm is there a vanda conspiracy brewing in Helsingborg, Sweden?

Next, we were off to the sales tent. There were a decent selection of orchids for Sweden. Roellke and Orchideen-Garten (Karge) from Germany were there, Brandorff Orchide and Orchidehuset from Denmark, Orchideeën Wubben from Holland and Orchidéhuset from Sweden. Not bad. Personally I think Karge had the nicer selection and I bought most of mine there.

 Vanda Kultana Indian Incense x Kultana Fragrance Masdevallia Amazone 'Tala Sca' Paphiopedilum lowii Phalaenopsis pulchra Cattleya Dandenburg Mini Leptotes bicolor Neofinetia falcata Euanthe sanderiana v. alba

The haul….. I came home with a Vanda Kultana Indian Incense x Kultana Fragrance, Masdevallia Amazone ‘Tala Sca’, Paphiopedilum lowii, Phalaenopsis pulchra, Cattleya Dandenburg Mini, Leptotes bicolor, Neofinetia falcata, a flask of Sedirea japonica babies, and finally… my new pride and joy, a young plant of Euanthe (formerly Vanda) sanderiana v. alba. The alba form is a very rare plant in cultivation and I am very happy to own one.