Orchids on summer vacation 2013

After a long winter and an unusually cold and dry spring, summer has finally come to Sweden! But there were times this spring when it felt like summer would never come. You can see scars from the drought and cold all over as many plants and flowers outside did not make it. Alas, one who waits for something good… Summer is here, we have about 18 hours of daylight now and the weather has been […]

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The third vivarium

Oh you guys already know about this one. I have mentioned it before and I finished building it this summer, but here comes the photo evidence finally. The third vivarium in my very small growing space, but I make it work. It is nowhere near as large or as technically complex as the cool vivarium, but it does the job. It is an intermediate vivarium dedicated to vandacesous orchids, primarily Neofinetia but a few Vanda, Ascocenda […]

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Orchids on summer vacation 2012

Orchids on summer vacationMmm summer. It really feels like summer when I bring the orchids outside for a few weeks while we are on vacation. Well, I can’t bring all the orchids, but it usually amounts to the vandaceous bunch and this year was no exception. Hanging under the eve of the seaside cottage this summer is indeed mostly vandaciaous orchids, including […]

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Vanda (Trudelia) alpina

Trudelia alpinaThis wonderful Vanda is now blooming again. I bought this as a seedling in 2009 and it first bloomed last September. The very best thing about this orchid is that the flowers last fo such a long time, well over two months. The pendant flowers measure about 2 cm wide presented on a one to three flowered inflorescence. It really got a boost hanging outside […]

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Ascocenda Princess Mikasa

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa (blue)Everytime my princess blooms it costs me money. Not to say it is really her fault or really that bad of a thing, but every time she blooms I fall in love with Vandas all over again and I go shopping for more. This time she cost me a Vanda tricolor var. suavis… Granted, a species I have been […]

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Vandas on summer vacation 2011

Orchids on vacation summer 2011It is that time again… and you really know it is summer when the orchids get to go on holiday. Well, at least some of the orchids… Same place as last year, although the little red cottage by the coast has been painted black this year the scenario is the same. This year the Vanda vacationers are […]

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Vandas on summer vacation 2010

Vacationing Vandas - Summer 2010Vacationing Vandas - shade cloth installationHere we go again… We have moved to the summer cottage by the coast and of course with a bunch of bare-rooted orchids in tow…  A slightly larger crowd than last summer, mostly smaller young plants, but […]

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Vandas on winter vacation

Vandas on winter vacationIt has become a bit of a tradition to have all the vandas tag along on our vacations, so I figured I would post a photo of this year’s group. Since I grow my vandas bare root they get a bath every day (or every other day now when it is a little darker and cooler). Princess Mikasa came […]

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Vandas on summer vacation

Vandas on summer vacationFinally it is time for some summer vacation!!

The vandas had to come with us to the summer house since they require daily watering. And why not? After bringing one (the princess Mikasa) on ski vacation last winter, I figured that all of them deserved a few weeks at a nice little red cottage by the coast for summer….

It […]

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Vanda baby swim

Vanda baby swimAfter picking up two more vandaceous orchids last weekend I had to invest in a larger bathtub. You see, this alliance has special needs. They are best grown in bright light, bare root and with good circulation where they can dry up quickly after each watering. Not in stifling large glass jars – I foresee a lot of dead Vanda’s thanks to this trend. But they also […]

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