The third vivarium

Oh you guys already know about this one. I have mentioned it before and I finished building it this summer, but here comes the photo evidence finally. The third vivarium in my very small growing space, but I make it work. It is nowhere near as large or as technically complex as the cool vivarium, but it does the job. It is an intermediate vivarium dedicated to vandacesous orchids, primarily Neofinetia but a few Vanda, Ascocenda […]

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Ascocenda Princess Mikasa ‘Tayanee White’

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Tayanee White'The princess… a very nice vandaceous hybrid known for its gentle temper and willingness to bloom in less than ideal conditions. Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is a cross between Ascocenda Royal Sapphire and Vanda coerulea. This is the fairly new white variety, known as ‘Tayanee White’, where the alba form of Vanda coerulea produce this lovely color. This particular […]

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa (blue)Everytime my princess blooms it costs me money. Not to say it is really her fault or really that bad of a thing, but every time she blooms I fall in love with Vandas all over again and I go shopping for more. This time she cost me a Vanda tricolor var. suavis… Granted, a species I have been […]

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A princess in purple

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa f. blueMy lovely Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is blooming again. This is the blue color form, but it is actually really more purple than blue which suits me just fine. This is probably one of the most popular Vandaceous orchids in cultivation due to its showy large lowers, fairly compact size and willingness to bloom. The blue or pink […]


Ascocenda Princess Mikasa BlueI used to think of zip ties as a marvel of modern invention, a convenience so brilliant I’d put it right up there with duct tape. But not today. I hang one of my light fixtures from a shelf about half way down in my window. Today when I came home one of the zip ties had broken, not […]

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A princess in blue

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa v. blueThe beautiful little princess is blooming again. I bought this Ascocenda Princess Mikasa v. blue from Roellke in October last year and it bloomed just in time for new years 2008/09 (I even had to bring it along for our ski vacation…). Now it is in full bloom again. I just […]

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