Finally a really bright idea

dulux80This is what happens when good lights go bad… or at least when you wire them up badly. They eventually burn out and die. So after about a year and a half I had to bite the bullet and rebuild all four lights for the cool vivarium. Because one after one, they had all started to give me trouble this fall. Light being an absolute […]

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Cattleya – a photographic study of sensual perfection

This lovely creation is blooming for me right now. You would have to look hard for a more sensual and lushious flower! The shape, the color, the sweet pearls of glucose excretion… oh it’s getting hot in here…!

I bought this plant from Marita Åkesson a year and a half ago. The shoot this year grew twice as tall as the previous year, I got two large flowers instead of just one, and they are much deeper […]

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