Cattleya Dahlenburg Mini

Cattleya Dahlenburg MiniThis is rather nice mini Cattleya hybrid, named after the town where the grower (Karge) is located. I am actually not that big on Cattleya hybrids in general, and I think what it is I really like about this particular one is the way it grows – mounted on a small terracotta pipe. It seems well suited for this particular mounting technique […]

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Cattleya intermedia var. orlata

Cattleya intermedia f. orlataWhat impeccable timing this lovely Cattleya has this year. She pulled out all the stops and produced a fantastic bloom just in time for vacations here in Sweden. She was in bud when we moved out to the summer place earlier in June, and how she is in full bloom. The flowers measure about 10 cm both tall and wide. […]

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Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesiiI don’t grow many Cattleya, mainly for space reasons, but I am also not very fond of the very “girly” looking ones. This is however one of the nicer species I think and I rather enjoy it! I love the subtle colors and minimalistic (for a Cattleya) shape. Interesting to note that the flower is saving the very best for the pollinators eyes only, […]

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Cattleya Dahlenburg Mini

Cattleya Dahlenburg MiniThis mini Cattleya comes from the German grower Karge and it is even named after their town. It is a small plant measuring about 20 cm tall altogether but with rather large flowers in relation to the plant. The delicate lavender flowers measure almost 8 cm accross. It is not really my type normally, but it faithfully blooms two or three […]

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Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesiiI have had an incredibly busy start to the summer, my lovely sister is getting married tonight… congratulations!! But there is also a lot blooming in the orchid room, I just need to find the time to share it with you all! Well, here comes a first summer greeting at last. My Cattleya forbesii is treating me to four lovely flowers this season, […]

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Hail to the queen!

Cattleya intermedia var. orlataAllow me to present this years edition of Cattleya intermedia var. orlata, one of my absolute favorites from the Cattleya genus. I jokingly call her the queen of my collection, as she definitely commands respect with her timeless beauty. A faithful bloomer every spring, although this year she is almost a month early early as she usually blooms in […]

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Cattleya forbesii

Cattleya forbesiiI this is one of the nicer looking Cattleyas there are. The shape and subtle coloring really appeals to me. It is a cool to warm growing medium sized Cattleya with nice long-lived, fragrant, waxy flowers. My clone does not have a very strong scent, but you can definitely smell it in the early morning when the sun warms it up.

I bought this orchid earlier this summer […]

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A few more flask babies out of the nest

Cattleya schillerianaThis weekend the remaining Cattleya schilleriana flask babies moved out of the community pot to single occupancy dwellings.

Since I mounted the first few babies several months ago and placed them in the warm vivarium, I wanted to try growing these in intermediate conditions.

I mounted the strongest one and hung it in the window, the remaining little ones went into pots. Since schilleriana likes well drained media I placed them […]

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Cattleya – a photographic study of sensual perfection

This lovely creation is blooming for me right now. You would have to look hard for a more sensual and lushious flower! The shape, the color, the sweet pearls of glucose excretion… oh it’s getting hot in here…!

I bought this plant from Marita Åkesson a year and a half ago. The shoot this year grew twice as tall as the previous year, I got two large flowers instead of just one, and they are much deeper […]

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