This lovely creation is blooming for me right now. You would have to look hard for a more sensual and lushious flower! The shape, the color, the sweet pearls of glucose excretion… oh it’s getting hot in here…!

I bought this plant from Marita Åkesson a year and a half ago. The shoot this year grew twice as tall as the previous year, I got two large flowers instead of just one, and they are much deeper in color. I attribute this to the new light fixture I, ehm the dear husband, installed this past December. Read about it here. Clearly the best investment I have made for the orchid room, next in line after that – the humidifier.

A photograpahic study – and admiration – of a Cattleya intermedia var. orlata.

Cattleya intermedia var. orlata Cattleya intermedia v. orlata Cattleya intermedia v. orlata Cattleya intermedia v. orlata
 May 9                  May 15                May 22                May 26
Cattleya intermedia v. orlata
 May 27, 2009