Ascocenda Princess Mikasa v. blueThe beautiful little princess is blooming again. I bought this Ascocenda Princess Mikasa v. blue from Roellke in October last year and it bloomed just in time for new years 2008/09 (I even had to bring it along for our ski vacation…). Now it is in full bloom again. I just love this hybrid. Compact growing habit (for a vandaceous orchid), really eager to bloom, and such gorgeous long lasting flowers!

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa v. blueIt is not unusual for this particular hybrid (a cross between Ascocenda Royal Sapphire x Vanda coerulea), to bloom twice a year. I am just happy I have a good clone that is up to the task. Last time the flowers appeared to be more blue, but I am not entirely sure it is not just a trick of the camera. It is notoriously hard to capture the correct color of the flowers. This time I almost caught the purple, but the flash blows out the intensity of the color quite a bit. You should se it in person. It is stunning!

I grow this bare root hanging in my north/east window under additional lights year round. She takes a bath once a day for about 20 minutes –Β  well she is a princess. I back off on the watering to every other day in the darker part of the winter, if she decides to rest. Last year she did not. IΒ  think I have to track down the pink variety of the Princess Mikasa at some point. It is one of the favorites in my collection.

…and I still think the lip looks like an alien driving a go-cart…