Ascocenda Princess Mikasa (blue)

A princess in purple

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa f. blueMy lovely Ascocenda Princess Mikasa is blooming again. This is the blue color form, but it is actually really more purple than blue which suits me just fine. This is probably one of the most popular Vandaceous orchids in cultivation due to its showy large lowers, fairly compact size and willingness to bloom. The blue or pink […]

An alien driving a gokart…

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa (Blue)My Ascocenda Princess mikasa (Blue) orchid bought from Roellke in October is now blooming sooo beautifully for the very first time! It had started setting two flower stalks, but one dried up in an early stage, wonder why… Anyway, it gave me 6 beautiful flowers this time and I am so happy!

PS! … do you also see […]

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Vanda is starting to open!

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa (blue)It is a real treat to follow the opening of the first few buds on the vanda orchid… every morning when we come down for breakfaskt before hitting the ski slopes we get to see a little bit more of the beautiful blue flowers. I bet that if you stared at it long enough you might actually see it […]

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Vanda orchid on ski vacation

27_princess_mikasa_blue_2008-12-28So we are up in Sälen skiing over the new year holiday and I could not find a babysitter for my vanda… So the little princess had to tag along to the montains. It turned out to be kind of cool to have her along on vacation though – as any vacation definitely is enhanced when it involves orchids… naturally. Here is my Ascocenda Princess […]

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