Vanda coerulea f. albaToday I received a very nice package from a friend in France. It was a box filled with a new batch of orchid babies… All were absolutely beautiful, but I am especially excited about the Vanda coerulea alba. This is a very rare orchid, and a mature plant will set you back anywhere between $150-250. Yes, dollars. This little one will take many years to reach flowering size, but what a great day when it does. I think I might have to pick up a nice bottle of wine and put it away and save it for the big day. According to my friend the Rhynchostylis green is pretty rare in cultivation as well. This is going to be a fun project to follow all of these when they grow.

Flask babies from FranceHere they all are, from back left: Rhynchostylis gigantea x coerulea f. bleu, Ascocentrum ampulleaceum f. alba, Vanda tessellata f. alba, Fuchs Charm (Aer. houlletiana X Aer. multiflora) x Aerides multiflora, Gastrochilus sp., Schoenorchis fragrans, Doritis pulcherrima f. coerulea (syn. Phalaenopsis pulcherrima f. coerulea) Vanda denisioniana, Rhynchostylis f. green, Vanda coerulea f. alba, Rhynchostylis gigantea f. alba, Vanda Happy Smile.